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December 10, 2014

The art of sewing, as with many creative endeavors, is creating delightful things that are beautifully designed and made with fabrics you love. For many of you, sewing hooks you and becomes a passion. You see wonderful fabrics and have to buy them. Then, of course, you want to try new techniques and ideas to use that fabulous fabric. You stay up late because you just have to finish that last seam and admire your completed work.

This enchantment with sewing can become a useful and valuable asset. Whether you sew curtains and pillows or pinafores and elegant evening bags, being able to sew is a skill that sets you apart. If you can sew, you can create something useful and beautiful. Many of our grandmothers sewed out of necessity. Most women had to be able to do their own mending and hemming. They made most of their children’s clothes and many of their own. They sewed tablecloths and pillowcases. They sewed aprons and quilts. Their skills were taken for granted, and sewing was often
a chore along with the cooking and cleaning. Now, sewing is a choice that we make because we are drawn to create with fabric.

Using This Website

Mini Sewing Machine is designed to be used by all enthusiastic sewers at all levels of ability. This website provides a detail guide to many sewing techniques, whether it be tailoring, dressmaking, or soft furnishings. For those who have just started sewing will find lot of tips and step by step guide to basics of sewing. If you already been sewing for several years, there will be lots of new ideas to try. We also hope this website will be a valuable reference for all students studying textiles and fashion. There is not a sewing technique that is too difficult to learn. We will try to teach different sewing techniques in a simple and easy to follow manner with detail instructions guided by the step by step photos.

Finally the purpose of this website is to get you off the sidelines and start sewing your way to a job that you will truly enjoy. The informational resources and blog post will give you all the information you need to begin on the right foot.

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