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Sewing Machine Parts Explained
Sewing Machines / March 3, 2015

A sewing machine exists primarily as a tool that will help to embroider and stitch together pieces of fabric. The goal is to come up with a design that people will use for some other purpose. Whether it may be to come up with a good set of clothes or shirts or perhaps for some other linen, the parts of a sewing machine will give the equipment its full function. Getting acquainted with the different parts is crucial for a beginner. It is known that some can become experts in using sewing machine. However, in reality, there has been one point where the sewer started from somewhere. Learning the basic parts of the machine is a good way to start as it could be the very tool that can help you later. Technically, four major classifications of the different parts of a sewing machine are present. Regardless of whether it is run by electric power or by manual pressure and force, these categories can be found in both. Understanding these parts means faster and better operations for the sewing machine. Controls, specifically the ones that provide power, are the first of the most basic. Typically, the older sewing machines come…

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Vintage Sewing Machine
Sewing Machines / February 28, 2015

Antiques are often quite expensive, and this includes those sewing machines that were the first introduced on the market. The vintage Singer sewing machine is perhaps one of the most prominent names on the market. Essentially, this is the brand that practically defined the sewing machine industry today. Collectors prefer to have this brand not just for its name, but also because it still works giving great stitches and embroideries. Of course, buying antique sewing machines is an entirely different matter. Certain ideas must be kept in mind to make sure you end up with an authentic Singer vintage sewing machine. These sewing contraptions are very expensive, and it is best to look at the criteria on what makes them the best. Classic styles are basically the first thing that you need to look at in a vintage Singer sewing machine. Black and other types of neutral shades were the colors used for these sewing machines. Simplicity is certainly something that is found with the sewing machines. Assess every corner of the machine and make sure that all the parts are in their place and in working condition. Solid metal is also a suggestion for the basic construction form of…

Cheap Sewing Machines In India
Sewing Machines / February 26, 2015

Many good sewing machines can be found for cheap online, in addition to the massive number of second hand machines available both locally and on the internet. Online shopping sites like Amazon help you find some amazing discounts on second hand and refurbished machines on all the top brands right from Singer, Usha, Janome and Juki to Consew and Brother’s cheap sewing machine offerings. Other than buying a new sewing machine for a discounted price, one of the best things you could is to look to buy a sewing machine secondhand. When buying a second hand machine, if A possible look for cheap sewing machines which was previously owned by a firm. Companies are required by law to keep detailed records of their sewing machine’s service and maintenance records from the simplest of things like oil changes to major part replacement. This well documented history of the machine allows you to accurately judge the value you would get from the machine if you bought it at a certain price. Many businesses hold something of a garage sale every year, selling off sewing equipment. The best way to keep up to date on these sewing machine garage sales is to wither…

Portable Hand Sewing Machine
Sewing Machines / February 24, 2015

A portable hand sewing machine is lightweight besides being a hand-held device. It is a chain stitching sewing machine. It has a reliable device for raising and locking the presser foot carrier rod. This is an inexpensive device. It has a pivoted spool spindle. This is moveable between a storage position & a working position. In order to facilitate loop forming, there is a uniquely shaped feed dog. This is designed in order to cooperate with the needle and with the hook. Handheld sewing machines have made sewing more easy and convenient. You don’t have to sit on your sewing workstation and labor on some repairs that needs your attention. You can now sit back on your sofa and watch your favorite TV series while sewing. Who says you can’t relax and work at the same time? You can even bring it with you on travels in case you have wardrobe malfunctions and mishaps. You can easily repair whatever damage has been done thanks to your handheld sewing machine. A portable hand sewing machine includes a housing which has a handle. This handle is adapted to be hand-held. The housing has a base portion as well as an upper portion…

Sewing Machine Cleaning And Maintenance
Sewing Machines / December 23, 2014

A household sewing machine as used by most of us should sew perfectly for more than 20 years if it is given proper care. Many times people consider their sewing machine to be worn out and don’t use or use it very little, when in reality nothing more is needed than a thorough cleaning, oiling and minor adjustments. There maybe times when a part of your sewing machine need to be replace and adjustments, but a best sewing machine that is cleaned regularly and is given good maintenance seldom actually “wears out.” Cleaning Your Sewing Machine Many of the problems that start with the sewing machines are often caused from allowing dust, thread, lint or oil to collect on the working parts of the machine. In times, these dust and thread particles accumulated in your sewing machine can become soaked with oil and interfere with the proper operation of the sewing machine, making it run hard. Often times, when this dust and gummy impurities are removed, the sewing machine starts working freely without making any adjustment. A daily brushing of dirt, lint and threads is a good preventive maintenance. Use the nylon lint brush that comes with most sewing machines….

Sewing Machine Buying Guide
Sewing Machines / December 21, 2014

Buying a sewing machine for home use can be daunting task, there are so many brands, types, features, price ranges etc, You may be overwhelmed by all the choices you have and would be confused in choosing the best sewing machine. Today there are so many choices of sewing machine – from straight stitch to zigzag stitch or machines that are capable of fancy stitches. Then there are sewing machines that portable, cabinet model, mechanical and electronic. It can be hard for a beginner to know where to start! So let’s break down some key elements to consider when looking for the right machine for you. Before You Buy a Sewing Machine Before you buy the sewing machine, check out different sewing machines available. Search and read articles that compares different brands and types to know which are the most recommended by the consumer research services. Also read plenty of user reviews that will let you know the user experience with the given model. Check out all the models, don’t be pushed into buying an expensive machine. The most expensive isn’t always the best machine. If any of your friends or family member has bought sewing machine recently, discuss with…

Before Buying a Sewing Machine
Sewing Machines / December 17, 2014

If you are a new sewer, try to borrow a machine from someone before buying. Older machines last a long time, so ask around. Chances are you can find one among your family or friends. If you do borrow a machine, make sure it works. It should sew a straigt line without getting tangles in the bobbin or anything else equally frustrating. A basic machine is all you need getting started. A button hole stitch is nice, and it is standard on most machines. A darning foot option also is standard on most machines or available as a separate foot attachment. If your old sewing machine needs to be serviced, the price can vary greatly depending on what’s out of whack. Th service shop will most likely suggest replacing the old one with a new machine, especially if they happen to sell sewing machines. Be careful, though. Unless you are buying a really good new sewing machine, or if repairing the old machine is too expensive, it is probably best to just get the old machine repaired. Buying a sewing machine: The lowdown A good sewing machine can easily last for more than twenty to thirty years. My mom is…