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Your Sewing Area – How To Make It Better
Sewing / December 19, 2014

Convenience is key. Let’s say you want to sew something simple, like a coaster. Let’s then say that in order to sew that coaster you have to lug your machine out from under the bed, drag the iron from the laundry room, and unfold a card table, all for five minutes of work. Chances are you will buy coasters instead. A desk in a spare room, a table in the corner of a living room, or even a bedroom is fine if you don’t have a dedicated craft room. You can throw a lovely but of fabric over your machine (or sew yourself a sewing machine cozy) when you aren’t using it to keep off dust. Store your projects in a plastic bin tucked under the table. If you don’t have a dedicated space, the ironing will need some planning. If you think you are going to make mostly small projects a tabletop ironing board is great. Then you iron on the table right next to your machine. I prefer a full-sized ironing board and you can hang one on the wall near by and just set it up every time you sew. It’s an extra step, but it doesn’t…

Learn Basic Entredeux
Sewing / December 15, 2014

Entredeux is a French word that literally translates to mean “between two”. The entredeux used extensively in heirloom sewing is a narrow band of commercially embroidered trim. It resembles a tiny ladder sewn on very crisp batiste. It is often used as a bridging trim, therefore the reference to “between two”, to strengthen multiple rows of delicate laces. Because of its dominating presence in heirloom projects, using purchased entredeux can greatly add to the overall cost of your project. Consider making your own entredeux trim by using a wing needle and batiste fabric. The side extensions found on the wing needle make an extra large hole in the fabric, which is kept open by the tension on the needle and bobbin threads og the chosen decorative stitch. Select a stitch pattern that sew multiple times in the same place. Some sewing machine models have a pre-programmed stitch designed especially for creating entredeux embroidery. Beside the cost benefit by making your own entredeux, home sewers are no longer limited to the basic white or ecru colors of factory produced entredeux. All the colors in the rainbow for both threads and fabrics are yours for the choosing. Machine Setup For Entredeux Stitch:…

Know Your Sewing Machine
Sewing / December 13, 2014

your sewing machine and all its accessories can provide you with hours of creativity and enjoyment. Most sewing machine manufacturers provide numerous extra accessories in addition to those standard with the machine. This article will help you to use your sewing machine as a practical and artistic tool and enable you to get greater enjoyment from the sewing machine you own. A good place to start is to get to know your machine intimately. Even a machine with the most advanced technology won’t help you sew better if you are not comfortable with it. Take time to get to know, or refresh yourself, with your machine’s basic features and characteristics. Learn to recognize a perfect stitch and fundamentals, such as stitch length and width settings, reverse stitching, needle positions and pressure and tension adjustments, which all affect stitch quality. Beyond the basics, most machines come with a selection of standard presser, feet including a zig-zag foot, buttonhole, blind hem, edge stitch, quilting guide and more. Getting to know what each one does will extend your machine’s potential and give you more professional sewing results. Most presser feet can perform multi-purpose tasks. Care And Maintenance Next to learning how to use…

Finding Your Own Sewing Style
Sewing / December 11, 2014

We all have our own specific likes and dislikes for certain colors, textures, patterns and combinations that we find more attractive. Your own specific style is what makes you unique. We are not talking about cutting-edge, wild, truly original style here, but instead, being true to what appeals to you. It can be hard to put a specific name to your personal style, and trying to do so can artificially constrain you. Are you a romantic because you like ruffles? What if you like ruffles and bright colors? What if you like ruffles, bright colors, and only organic fabrics? What’s important is that you know what you like and what you want to make. Making what you think is beautiful and useful is a surefire way to create a successful business authenticity matters so much in a handmade business. This authenticity and sense of personal style will give your work a cohesive look and will help you sell your work to your target group of customers who share your aesthetic. Although I try to think about what my customer may want to buy, it is always balanced by what I would want to make for myself. Through some trial and…