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Tips And Tricks That Will Make Sewing Easier
Useful Tips / December 20, 2014

These helpful sewing habits are good to get into now, because they will simplify your life, at least in the sewing room. Use a new sewing machine needle when you start a new project Sewing machine needles work really hard, and changing needles can make your machine feel brand new. I have had needles in my sewing machine for months at a time. My seams would start to look bunched and puckered, and I would fiddle with the sewing machine tension, thinking my machine needed to be services. When I changed my needle, the machine sewed through the fabric like a hot knife through butter. This is especially important when using light weight fabrics or anything with a satin finish, because a dull needle will damage the surface of the fabric. Now I change my machine needle constantly, but if changing your needle after every project seems excessive, try changing it after every other project. This really makes a huge difference. Trim as you go See all the little threads at the beginning and end of a seam? Get rid of them before you sew your next stitch. Trim them off every time you take that fabric away from the…