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Cheap Sewing Machines In India

February 26, 2015

Many good sewing machines can be found for cheap online, in addition to the massive number of second hand machines available both locally and on the internet. Online shopping sites like Amazon help you find some amazing discounts on second hand and refurbished machines on all the top brands right from Singer, Usha, Janome and Juki to Consew and Brother’s cheap sewing machine offerings.

Other than buying a new sewing machine for a discounted price, one of the best things you could is to look to buy a sewing machine secondhand. When buying a second hand machine, if A possible look for cheap sewing machines which was previously owned by a firm. Companies are required by law to keep detailed records of their sewing machine’s service and maintenance records from the simplest of things like oil changes to major part replacement. This well documented history of the machine allows you to accurately judge the value you would get from the machine if you bought it at a certain price. Many businesses hold something of a garage sale every year, selling off sewing equipment. The best way to keep up to date on these sewing machine garage sales is to wither stay in touch with the big fashion houses in your vicinity or keep an eye out in your cities classifieds.

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Buyers would do good to follow through the following check list, which will help you assess what you are getting from your sewing machine purchase for both new and used machines. A good machine should meet most, if not all of the following considerations.

Good build quality and solid construction

The machine should be constructed in a manner that gives it ‘weight’ allowing it to operate quietly and without too much vibration. While stitching, machine shouldn’t ‘wall’ across the table. It shouldn’t rattle when moved and the hingers, buttons and levers should have a robust feel.

Warranty and Service

The industry average, even for the cheapest sewing machine is about 20 years on the machine head, 2 years for most of the other moving parts and 1 year for labor. It is especially important when buying the machine secondhand or at a discount price to ask the dealer where the machine is to be sent for service and repairs. Sometimes, you are required to bear additional shipping cost when using these services and it is best to get to know about them beforehand.

Look for a one-step buttonhole

The one step button hole is essential, even for a cheap sewing machine. Ideally, your sewing machine should also include a special foot that creates correctly sized uniform buttons.

Buying online can be a tricky proposition

If you choose to buy a sewing machine online, be it new or used. It is vital that you ask the seller to provide as much a detailed history of the sewing machine as possible. You should also inquire if the manufacturers warranty still applies. This is especially important if you choose to buy a refurbished sewing machine.

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