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Portable Hand Sewing Machine

February 24, 2015

A portable hand sewing machine is lightweight besides being a hand-held device. It is a chain stitching sewing machine. It has a reliable device for raising and locking the presser foot carrier rod. This is an inexpensive device. It has a pivoted spool spindle. This is moveable between a storage position & a working position. In order to facilitate loop forming, there is a uniquely shaped feed dog. This is designed in order to cooperate with the needle and with the hook.

Handheld sewing machines have made sewing more easy and convenient. You don’t have to sit on your sewing workstation and labor on some repairs that needs your attention. You can now sit back on your sofa and watch your favorite TV series while sewing. Who says you can’t relax and work at the same time? You can even bring it with you on travels in case you have wardrobe malfunctions and mishaps. You can easily repair whatever damage has been done thanks to your handheld sewing machine.

A portable hand sewing machine includes a housing which has a handle. This handle is adapted to be hand-held. The housing has a base portion as well as an upper portion disposed over the base portion. Both these portions are spaced. Both the base portions as well as the upper portion are spaced from the handle. The base portion of this housing includes a horizontal as well as an upwardly facing throat plate. The upper portion of the housing includes a downwardly facing plate. This downwardly facing plate of the portable hand sewing machine has an aperture therein. The downwardly facing plate also has a lip extending to the forward of the aperture. The back portion of the lip extends to the back of the aperture.

The sewing machine has a vertical presser foot carrier rod. This extends through the aperture. It has a lower portion which is placed intermediate between the downwardly facing plate and the throat plate. There is a presser foot which is depending from the lower end of the rod. This rod has an upper portion which extends above the downwardly facing plate. This rod has a vertically extending slot aperture. This slot aperture of the portable hand sewing machine has an upper wall. The upper wall is meant for supporting the presser foot carrier rod. This presser foot carrier rod is meant for reciprocating vertical movement. The spring is meant for taking the presser foot toward a working position, which will be against the throat plate. It is also meant for raising the presser foot carrier rod to a nonworking position. This spring is also used for locking it in the nonworking position.

The portable hand sewing machine comprises of a raising and locking pin. This has a shank which is pivotally received in. It extends through the slot aperture. It extends in the upper portion of the presser foot carrier rod. This shank is disposed between both, the upper wall of the slot aperture at the bottom; and the downwardly facing plate on the top. This shank has a back portion which extends back over the back portion of the plate which is downwardly facing. The front portion of the shank extends to the forward portion of the plate lip. This happens when the presser foot is in working position.

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