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Sewing Machine Buying Guide

December 21, 2014

Buying a sewing machine for home use can be daunting task, there are so many brands, types, features, price ranges etc, You may be overwhelmed by all the choices you have and would be confused in choosing the best sewing machine. Today there are so many choices of sewing machine – from straight stitch to zigzag stitch or machines that are capable of fancy stitches. Then there are sewing machines that portable, cabinet model, mechanical and electronic. It can be hard for a beginner to know where to start! So let’s break down some key elements to consider when looking for the right machine for you.

Before You Buy a Sewing Machine

Before you buy the sewing machine, check out different sewing machines available. Search and read articles that compares different brands and types to know which are the most recommended by the consumer research services. Also read plenty of user reviews that will let you know the user experience with the given model. Check out all the models, don’t be pushed into buying an expensive machine. The most expensive isn’t always the best machine. If any of your friends or family member has bought sewing machine recently, discuss with them about the good and bad experience they had with their model.

Which Stitch for You

Ask yourself, what type of stitching you will be mostly doing? Is it only for making clothes for yourself and family or you would be sewing heavy items like bed-spreads, draperies and slip covers. Most home sewing needs can easily be fulfilled with an ordinary and less expensive sewing machine – a simple machine that does only straight stitching, forward and reverse. Here are some of the different type of sewing machine:

Straight stitch: This type of sewing machine is more economical. This machine sews only forward and backward. Straight stitch machine is most practical machine for you, if you want to sew only a little and does not intend to use decorative stitching. Some manufacturer provide attachments to make zigzag stitch, ruffles or buttonholes.

Basic zigzag machine: This type of sewing machine can perform all the functions that a straight stitch machine can, in addition this sewing machine has the ability to do zigzag and stretch stitching. They can also make buttonholes, finish seam edges and blind hem.

Automatic zigzag sewing machine: This type of sewing machine has built-in decorative stitches that are selected with hand controls or cams that are inserted for the desired stitch, or a combination of the two. The
combination model is the most versatile. This sewing machine is best of you desire to sew decorative stitches quiet often. But make sure you have through knowledge of the machine to use it to its full potential.

Electronic or computerized sewing machine: This type of sewing machine is controlled by electronic chips. The electronic system allows stitches to be selected by pushing a button. Different settings like stitch width, length and density are programmed into the machine by the manufacturer, but these settings can also be adjusted later on.

Consider the cost

You could spend thousands of rupees and buy the most expensive do-it-all machine, but will you need it?. Beside the most expensive not necessarily means the best. Buy the sewing machine depending upon your need and the one that fits into your budget. Stay away with the cheap un-branded machines, they do not last long and give lot of headaches during stitching. A good sewing machine can easily last more than 20 years.

Other things to consider

Once you had decided to buy a particular sewing machine, there are some additional things that you need to consider

  • Are accessories and extra parts like bobbins, needles, ruffler, zipper foot etc are included with the machine?
  • Is there a well written instruction manual with the sewing machine
  • Does the manual provide lessons on how to use the sewing machine
  • Does the sewing machine comes with a guarantee?What does it cover and for how many years?
  • Is local service available for the machine

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